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Our R&D tax credit software works out exactly how much R&D tax relief/credits you can claim for.
HMRC requires you to submit an R&D tax report containing financial and project information. RDvault compiles this information into everything you need to make a claim.
RDvault is designed to help everyone prepare a successful R&D claim. Our easy to use software is fully supported by our on-hand team.
You can establish exactly how much your R&D rebate will be, allowing you to make decisions without any unexpected surprises.
Yes, companies can go as far back as two years to make a claim for R&D tax relief.
RDvault evaluates corporation tax rates, loss surrender rates, enhancement percentages and RDEC values to give you an accurate value of your R&D claims Our transparent process details exactly how figures are calculated.
Yes. With no need for spreadsheets, a startup company can make a claim in just a day.
Keeping your data secure is extremely important to us. RDvault uses up-to-date AWS security features and SSL encryption technology to give you peace of mind.
You can connect Xero to RDvault in three simple steps.
  1. Set up and find your company using the search tool, press select, and click continue.
  2. Click ‘Connect to Xero’. You’ll be forwarded to the Xero website. Simply log in with your credentials.
  3. You’ll be automatically returned to RDvault. Click continue to complete the process.
You can disconnect Xero from RDvault in three simple steps.
  1. Find the company you’d like to disconnect from Xero in My RDvault.
  2. Click the three dots on the right hand side and select ‘External Connection’.
  3. Click ‘Disconnect Xero Account’ to complete the process.
Connecting with Xero keeps all of your company transactions up to date. You’ll also have access to income and expenses information, with RDvault tracking any changes made. RDvault automatically records the profit and loss of your company, making sure you have an accurate view of entitled R&D tax credits.
You only need to connect RDvault to Xero once, with the connection lasting until you disable it.
RDvault only ever downloads data from Xero and we never add, remove, or edit any information in your Xero account.  We simply download company transactions, so you can view a breakdown of your nominal codes and start analysing them for your R&D claims.
RDvault will never share or edit your financial data. All data is protected and stored on our secure servers.
Yes. Even if you’ve received a grant or subsidy, you can still claim for R&D tax credits/relief. Depending on the grant received, there may be restrictions on what you can claim for.
R&D (research and development) tax relief rewards innovation and growth, freeing up cash for you and your business. Any UK limited company that’s spent money developing new or existing products and services could claim R&D tax relief from HMRC. R&D tax claims are paid out as either a cash payment and/or corporation tax reduction.  You can find HMRC’s guidance on R&D tax relief here and BIS (business, innovation, and skills) guidelines here.
RDvault guides you through all SME and RDEC claim eligibility, with our team fully on hand to help.
RDvault provides honest and transparent advice to help you make the most of your R&D tax claims When completing your claim, our digital platform calculates everything from SME to RDEC claims, including whether to surrender losses or use expenses to reduce your total taxable profits.  We also provide great service, with our team on hand to guide you through every step of the process.
HMRC aims to process all R&D tax credit claims within 28 days.
Consumables, staff salaries, software, and subcontractor costs are just four examples of eligible R&D claim expenses. You can read HMRC’s R&D project definitions here. RDvault helps you identify all qualifying costs to make the most of your claim.