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“Great Reset”
for R&D fees!


Take part in RDvault’s campaign
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you deserve for your R&D claim!


Why are you doing this?

RDvault came into this world to help innovative companies paying unfair fees to middle-ware R&D providers who take too much out of your innovation rebate in our opinion.

We’ve met infinite companies with such negative experiences and brought in many new client faces over the 5 years but we want to do something different. We want to keep you where you are but with a better deal.

We know we can’t convince every legitimate R&D claiming company out there to drop their supplier and come to us overnight - but what we can do is help you negotiate a better commercial with your current R&D Advisor!

Who is this for?

If you incur R&D fees of a % value then this definitely deserves a look-in.

But anyone and everyone are welcome to get in touch, so long as you have an active R&D provider.

What if they don’t change their pricing?

That’s the best bit – if they refuse to budge you have a quote that RDvault will honour!

How does it work?

1 /
Chat with us

Schedule a 15-minute chat with us to confirm what you’re doing is R&D, its spend and the potential claim amount.

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2 /
Receive your quote

Receive RDvault’s quote overviewing your R&D claim and commercial offer from us

3 /
Level up your negotiating skills

Arm yourself with our “Negotiation tips” to use with your R&D Advisor.

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4 /
Negotiate a fair fee

Use our proposal and Negotiation Tips to agree a fairer fee with your current provider!

Get in touch with RDvault

Let’s help you get the fair price you deserve for your R&D claim today!

The above process is not going to be able to 100% validate your R&D eligibility, however it will provide a strong steer on whether there is reasonable R&D activity to explore.

In the event we feel that R&D activity being suggested isn’t eligible, we will advise as such as RDvault are staunch believers of utilising the R&D scheme correctly, and are an active member of the R&D Community which promotes high ethical standards to claiming on the R&D tax relief scheme.

In all cases where we identify possible R&D, the quote proposal we would provide is done on the basis that more time and information would need to be shared between you, and RDvault, to truly establish with great certainty the details and depth of your R&D claim.