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R&D tax credits software.

We’ve revolutionised the way
businesses and advisors prepare R&D tax claims.

Our all-in-one software allows you to:


Claim every
penny you’re owed

So far we’ve helped businesses claim a total of £30 million in R&D tax relief and credits.


Integrate with cloud accounting

Our software connects seamlessly to Xero – making it easy to securely organise, prepare and update claims.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

All information, calculations and preparations are done within our software so there’s no spreadsheets required..

Save crucial time and money

Speedily sync your data and quickly discover the amount you’re entitled to in one affordable package.

Access accurate figures

Real-time claim insights ensure you have access to the most up-to-date figures.

Get to grips with your claims quickly

You don’t need to be a tax expert. Our one-of-a-kind workflows are simple to understand and guide you through the process of making a R&D claim.

Plan for growth

Know what you’re owed so you can make calculated spending decisions. Our software will grow with you.

Ensure you’re compliant

The claims you make will need to follow current legislation. Our software is constantly updated by barristers and founders experienced in R&D tax, giving you peace of mind.

Claim at any time

See clearer finances with reports that produce numerical analytics from yesterday to more than a year ago.

How can I benefit?

How can I benefit?

Simply let us know you want to join those who are revolutionising their R&D claims. Click the button below to request a trial or demo of our software.